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Account and Activity Management

Sage CRM provides the tools to manage and analyze all current and historical account details and activities. With Sage CRM you can easily manage multiple accounts and opportunities, and automatically distribute leads to sales professionals around the world. Sophisticated workflow provides automated sales processes to guide sales people through proven selling methods. Automate your business processes to automatically trigger literature fulfillment, follow-up appointments, callbacks, daily tasks and more. By analyzing the information available, you can recruit new clients and resell to existing ones.

Sales Cycle Management

Sage CRM Sales provides a snapshot of the sales cycle from first prospect to final sale and every step in between, allowing sales teams to analyze and manage the sales pipeline. You can assign a probability of closing the sale at each stage of your business sales cycle including prospecting, lead qualification, demonstrations, quotes and the sale.

By defining each stage, sales staff and management are provided with real-time rolling forecasts and pipeline Analysis. Detailed reporting can be performed to assure time and energy is spent on the deals most likely to close. Sage CRM allows you to automate the escalation and reassignment of communications and tasks at any stage of the process, assuring your clients’ needs are being addressed by the appropriate employee.

Can your current system determine that a deal has a 70 percent probability of closing and immediately reassign that deal to your ‘closer’?

By providing detailed information at every stage of the sales cycle, Sage CRM guarantees the right people get the right information, right away.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Project Management:

"Project Management" is part of the Sage CRM line of products, developed by Sage.