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In an era where your competition is just a mouse-click away, marketing teams face new challenges. Consumers have unlimited choices about with whom, how and when they will do business. The biggest challenge is far greater than finding new customers it’s also about understanding customers and retaining them, learning from past mistakes and bringing customers back.

Campaign Management

Sage CRM provides the tools to manage all the components of your marketing campaigns and helps you make better decisions about what your customers want and what they respond to. Assign, schedule and track marketing activities within a campaign-and view every detail of each campaign at a glance. Sage CRM allows marketing teams to target unlimited analysis driven demographics with customer-specific direct marketing campaigns. Sage CRM provides the tools for marketing teams to easily create new target lists from selected criteria, re-use successful campaign lists or import mail-house lists.

The integrated mail-merge function allows you to merge documents with target-customer lists. Once these lists are created, Sage CRM Marketing automatically creates a record in the customer account, attaching the marketing piece to the account and document library for telemarketers and support representatives to access. Launch a campaign and capture prospect responses-providing a view of what you potential customers respond to and what they want.

Or, if you are marketing to your current customers, simply track the date and call-to-action to which they’re responding. Campaign responses are rolled into a management view for analysis through reporting and graphing capabilities. Building lasting-and more profitable-customer relationships means identifying, executing and replicating effective marketing initiatives across all of your company’s sales channels.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with CRM/Marketing Automation:

"CRM/Marketing Automation" is part of the Sage CRM line of products, developed by Sage.