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Payroll management becomes easy with BusinessVision. BusinessVision automatically calculates federal and provincial withholdings. Pay history for any employee can be viewed at any time - right down to the individual’s timecard for a pay period. Departmentalization can be used to allocate payroll expenses to various General Ledger accounts. Multiple benefit and deduction categories are available, making payroll suitable for most needs.


  • Browse and select ListViews of employee numbers and names - employee number may be up to six digits.
  • Powerful search and find options with multiple criteria.
  • E-mail employees directly.
  • View pictures of employees.
  • Payroll may be run separately for up to 99 departments.
  • Complete flexibility for salaried, commissionable or hourly-paid employees.
  • Multiple pay frequencies, e.g. weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, etc.
  • Fast timecard entry, permitting the allocation of wages to up to eighty General Ledger expense accounts per employee.
  • Automatic timecard creation for salaried employees.
  • Paycheque voiding capability.
  • Unlimited timecard and payroll history for each employee is maintained on file, permitting on-screen inquiry for past pay periods.
  • Provisions for wages/salary, regular time, overtime, other time, commission, vacation, advances, etc.
  • Automatic calculation of Federal tax, Provincial tax, CPP/QPP, EI, Worker’s Compensation/CSST, RSP and insurable earnings, with user override provision. All provinces and territories supported. Union dues, remote allowance, and up to ten additional benefits and ten additional deductions on each timecard. Pays out or retains vacation pay automatically.
  • Paycheques can be produced in batch mode, or a single paycheque can be printed on-the-fly.
  • Reports may be produced by department, employee or range of employees.
  • Direct deposit.

Other Applications

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"Payroll - Canadian" is part of the Sage BusinessVision Accounting line of products, developed by Sage.