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The heart of virtually any business is order processing, and that’s where BusinessVision’s powerful and comprehensive Order Entry module really excels, allowing an unlimited number of orders, quotations, layaways and standing orders, and the automatic or manual backordering of out-of-stock items. Orders draw down both inventory and non-stock/service items immediately, and when invoiced, the system automatically calculates taxes, revenue, cost-of-goods, receivables, etc - posting this vital information directly to the General Ledger. No need to worry about journal entries or debits and credits, because BusinessVision does it all automatically. It even maintains a history of every invoice that has been produced, affording in-depth analysis of sales, margins and profit.


  • Displays ListViews of customers, stock items, orders, quotations and layaways for easy browsing and selection.
  • Offers powerful search and find options with multiple criteria.
  • Supports quotations, standing (recurring) orders, layaways, credit hold and backorders.
  • Permits keyboard shortcuts as an alternative to the mouse.
  • Includes automatic order/invoice processing for periodic billing or subscription and membership renewals.
  • Provides credit limit verification for orders and invoices.
  • Offers the ability to restrict user invoicing ability for customers over credit limit.
  • Supports up to 99 tax rates. Also fully supports GST/HST (Canada).
  • Automatically creates backorders for unfilled items (with manual override).
  • Performs automatic or manual serial number allocation.
  • Supports multiple discounts by customer and item.
  • Permits non-stock, service items and comments to be conveniently entered.
  • Permits selling price override at the time of order entry.
  • Supports line item discounts.
  • Handles separate billing and shipping addresses.
  • Fully supports returns and credit memos.
  • Supports direct e-mail, fax and printing of multiple page invoices.
  • Changes quotations to billable orders at the click of a button.
  • Permits negative discounts, effectively adding a surcharge to the order.
  • Allows overrides of prices, terms, tax, freight, discount, and salesperson.
  • Displays item availability, location and alternate part number on-screen.
  • Displays cost price (with proper authority).
  • Provides option to process invoices, quotes, and packing slips individually or in batches.
  • Allocates inventory at time of order.
  • Offers complete integration with Bill of Material, automatically drawing components of kitted items.
  • Automatically updates Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Sales History and General Ledger immediately at time of billing.
  • Provides negative inventory processing option.
  • Reports by order number or range of order numbers.
  • Fully-integrated with Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Job Cost and General Ledger.
  • Prompts user to print packing slip, order confirmation, invoice and shipping labels.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Order Entry:

"Order Entry" is part of the Sage BusinessVision Accounting line of products, developed by Sage.