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Bill of Material, available in BusinessVision Standard and SQL Editions, is designed for easy creation and maintenance of lists of components required to assemble or manufacture finished goods or sub-assemblies. Using the Bill of material module, you can trial build (check) to see if enough materials are available to build the desired quantity of finished goods or kits. The Bill of Material module will provide critical information with respect to shortages, outages, costs and order of assembly information. All information is displayed on-line.


  • Displays ListViews for inventory items and bill components for easy browsing and selection.
  • Offers powerful search and find capabilities with multiple criteria.
  • Permits keyboard shortcuts as an alternative to the mouse.
  • Maintains unlimited parts/components in a bill.
  • Maintains up to 99 categories of components (e.g. packaging, labor, fasteners).
  • Supports nine levels of sub-assemblies.
  • Permits non-stock items.
  • Performs automatic substitutions or inclusions of alternate part numbers.
  • Supports both kitted and manufactured bills.
  • Caters for scrap and yield percentages.
  • Supports revision levels.
  • Provides trial build for quick and easy assessment of requirement and shortage scenarios.
  • Processes cost roll-up inquiry for average and current costs.
  • Enables user to quickly determine if and where an inventory item is used in a Bill of Material through a comprehensive “where used“ inquiry.
  • Displays detailed on-screen ”indented“ inquiry.
  • Generates thorough reports including indented, costed and ”where used“ bill of material detail.
  • Fully-integrated with Inventory and Order Entry modules.

Other Applications

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"Bill of Material" is part of the Sage BusinessVision Accounting line of products, developed by Sage.