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BusinessVision maintains a complete history of open (unpaid) and closed (paid) items for every customer. You can even establish your own aging periods and produce graphs of customer account aging at any time. Unique “flagging” and linking features are designed to apply payments to many open items, or to link associated items together. Accounts Receivable details can be kept on file indefinitely, with instant access to the original invoice and General Ledger transaction.


  • Displays ListViews of account codes and names for easy browsing and selection.
  • Allows browse windows to be resized by user and maintains user specific settings.
  • Permits keyboard shortcuts as an alternative to the mouse.
  • Offers powerful search and find options with multiple criteria.
  • Provides scrollbars in most browse windows, allowing for additional lines.
  • Permits user-specified alternate search key of up to ten characters.
  • Customer database dynamically links with popular contact management systems (Goldmine, Act 2000!, MS Outlook, and Maximizer), providing optional one directional or two directional updates.
  • Provides simple check voiding option, automatically updating all relevant accounts.
  • Performs open item accounting by customer.
  • Permits territory code grouping of customers (e.g. by sales area).
  • Accommodates multiple shipping addresses.
  • Allows users to e-mail customers directly (invoices, statements, messages).
  • Displays on-screen account history with five configurable aging periods.
  • Calculates sales tax and GST/HST automatically (Canada).
  • Displays an open item screen for easy payment application.
  • Offers unique flagging and linking capabilities for multiple item payments.
  • Provides the ability to view and reprint invoices.
  • Allows for drill-down to the General Ledger journal entry.
  • Fully supports partial and unapplied payments.
  • Generates sales and profit statistics by customer.
  • Performs automatic calculation and verification of discounts given.
  • Conducts automatic or manual calculation and posting of finance charges.
  • Displays graphical view of account aging.
  • Generates reports by specific customer, range of customers or sales territory.
  • Fully integrated with Order Entry, Point-of-Sale, Job Cost and General Ledger.
  • Provides powerful batch invoicing capabilities allowing many invoices to be processed and printed at once.
  • Supports scheduled billing of different order types at different intervals. e.g. All orders in territory ABC to be billed Monday, all orders in territory XYZ to be billed on Tuesday.
  • Prompts user when customer requires the use of a purchase order number.
  • Allows negative discounts to be stored in the customer profile in order to accommodate surcharges.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Receivable:

"Accounts Receivable" is part of the Sage BusinessVision Accounting line of products, developed by Sage.