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Sage BusinessVision Accounting

A full ERP system for companies who have outgrown their off‑the‑shelf accounting system.
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Superior financial management is at the core of any successful enterprise, so when you commit the future of your business to a particular accounting or business management system, you must first make a careful evaluation. After all, you’re making a commitment to a system that must evolve alongside you - one that keeps pace with ever-changing, ever-improving technology.

The evolution of your business will also require your chosen system to operate with other business systems, in a seamless and integrated manner that improves your workflow, productivity, and, ultimately, your profitability.

Introducing Sage BusinessVision Accounting, the customizable accounting and business management system with tailored editions and deployment options to suit single users to entire businesses. Web-enabled Sage eBusinessVision manages eCommerce activities and integrates with Sage BusinessVision. Sage BusinessVision has an array of compatible industry-specific solutions created by our development partners and add-on functionality such as multicurrency and Sage BusinessVision Custompack, a suite of five powerful features to enhance your Sage BusinesssVision system functionality.

Best suited for:

Small to mid-sized companies who have outgrown their off-the-shelf accounting software

More than just accounting software, the award winning Sage BusinessVision is the culmination of over 16 years of experience and expertise. Thousands of businesses from all across North America trust Sage BusinessVision to run their financials and generate significant, tangible results.

Affordable, expandable and remarkably flexible, Sage BusinessVision is the most powerful system in its price range. It is available in four different versions, each a complete integrated and scaleable solution designed to grow as your company grows.

Limited Edition: Ideal for smaller organizations, this single-user system delivers incredible performance at an economical price.

Small Business Edition: The next level in enterprise management, this 3-user system builds on the functionality first introduced in the Limited Edition.

Standard Edition: Fully featured and optimized for mid-sized enterprises, this 5-user system is expandable with the Optional LAN pack.

Client Server Edition: Designed for high transaction, heavy user load situations, this industrial-strength 10-user system is expandable to over 100 users.

Popular Functionality Modules

General Ledger The dynamic General Ledger can produce up-to-date balance sheets and income statements at any time. No batching or waiting until month-end. In fact, you can forget that…

Accounts Receivable BusinessVision maintains a complete history of open (unpaid) and closed (paid) items for every customer. You can even establish your own aging periods and produce graphs of…

Accounts Payable BusinessVision maintains a complete history of open (unpaid) and closed (paid) items for every supplier. You can even establish your own aging periods and produce graphs of…

Inventory The Inventory module handles an unlimited number of items and serial numbers, and pictures can be embedded directly into the Inventory file for rapid and easy recognition.…

Payroll - US Payroll management becomes easy with BusinessVision. BusinessVision automatically calculates federal and state withholdings. Pay history for any employee can be viewed at any…

Complete Functionality Module List

Reviews of Sage BusinessVision Accounting

from CPolyzotis & Associates says…

BusinessVision is a terrific software for small to mid size manufacturing companies, with complete functionality in accounting, customer and sales management, and inventory control. With built-in features such as auto-emailing customer invoices and purchase orders, recurring entries, business analytics, and much more to streamline your business processes.

The good: There is a strong support community, online discussion forums, as well as User Manuals, with step-by-step instruction for all processes in all modules.

from Kingston's Service Centre says…

It is a good program. I use AP, AR, customer profiles, vendors and pretty much has everything I need. It works really well.

The Good: I mostly use the accounting parts of it and it has everything I need.

The Bad: I wish it came with a manual.

from JD&S Power Equipment says…

We just moved up from an old dos program and it handles our accounting.

The Good: It is very easy to maneuver around and very easy to understand. Definitely user friendly.

The Bad: I really don’t have a way to take an invoice and email it to someone.