Is SafeChoice Accounting for Non-Profits right for your business?

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Some of the key features included in the Receivables and Customer Management section of SafeChoice Accounting for Non-Profits are:

  • Complete Accounts Receivable System Reports for Cash Basis, Posting for Accrual Basis
  • Visual Receipts Screen Offers Drill Down to Individual Invoice and Payment Information
  • Visual A/R Screen Shows Paid Invoices, Unpaid Invoices, or Both
  • Powerful Statement Printing Includes: Open Item or Balance Forward Formats
  • Select Open Item or Balance Forward by Customer
  • Create & Print Custom Reminder Messages on Statements
  • Allows Individual Customer Selection for Statement Printing
  • Apply Customer Payments Automatically or Manually to Invoices
  • Accepts ACH On line or debit payments
  • Track & Apply Customer Credit Balance to Invoices
  • Can reprint the previous Statement for one or more customers
  • Automatically Calculates & Tracks Early Payment Discount Terms
  • Handles Customer Payments by Credit Card
  • Payment Register Shows all Customer Payments for Any Date Range
  • Automatic NSF Feature Creates Payment Reversal & Charge to Customer
  • Calculates Finance Charge on Past Due Accounts
  • Pick & Choose Invoices or Customers for Finance Charges
  • Define Customer Credit Limit
  • Tracks Customer Payment History with Drill Down Review of Invoice Information

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Receivables and Customer Management:

"Receivables and Customer Management" is part of the SafeChoice Accounting for Non-Profits line of products, developed by SafeChoice.

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