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A developer of management software designed for small-businesses.

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SafeChoice, Inc. is the ONE STOP, TURN-KEY solution provider of flexible and easy to use Accounting, Fund Accounting, Utility Billing, Time & Billing, Fixed Asset & Equipment Management, and Facility Maintenance software. Our unique and powerful software solutions focus on municipalities, authorities, non-profit, commercial, and corporate businesses.

Personalized customization ensures that your software will respond to, produce, and complete all of your needs and requirements.

SafeChoice, Inc along with Choice Technologies Inc. easily links to e-Business solutions that integrate with your accounting system to help you realize your Internet strategy. This includes ACH collections and Direct Deposit of Payroll. …Just to name a few!

We have a nationwide network of distributors that would be pleased to help define your software needs.

SafeChoice, Inc. provides specialized accounting and business management solutions that use integrated technology from Choice Technologies, Comprehensive Microsystems, Employer Payment Solutions, and other special market developers.

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