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A developer of business management software designed for the consulting industry.

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S2 Incorporated, a business consultant company specializing in financial accounting applications, has been providing financial/accounting systems software, conversion and integration support to growing businesses since 1996. Whether the task is updating an existing system’s financial structure and/or functionality, optimizing an existing financial accounting system through application integration, or implementing a new one altogether; S2 Incorporated can provide the services and products required for the job.

With our company’s extensive experience in working and developing a variety of business and accounting applications, including a mid-market government project accounting solution, our consultants bring to each job, a professional and courteous approach with a solid knowledge base of financial applications and business practices.

We specialize in the software development of integrated project accounting solutions, our clients have shared with us some of their top concerns, including is the ability to readily retrieve financial information for supporting their tactical and strategic decision-making processes. We have the capabilities and experience to help you build or enhance your vision of a solution for your business.

We can fine tune an existing system by providing report development to improve your visibility of desired information, modifying the system’s financial infrastructure to meet your unique business needs, or perhaps setting up a new software module for added efficiency. We are highly skilled at assessing the information needs of our clients and providing them with complete business solutions and capabilities that incorporate proven leading edge technology.

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