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RunIt Systems has worked hand-in-hand with retailers to develop and deliver the industry’s most effective, easy to use, point-of-sale system. We pride ourselves in designing fully-integrated business solutions specifically for the independent specialty retailer-whether that means a single store or sixty stores. What’s more, RunIt software gives you a point-of-sale system that’s both full-featured and affordable, so you don’t have to choose between managing your business and making your budget.

When you run RunIt, you tap into our twelve-year track record-proven on over 3,000-plus installations worldwide. You also benefit from our real-world wisdom and large information base that spans the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and Australia. But even though our products and services have already made us a leader in the retail industry, we don’t rest there. We continue to keep our finger on the pulse of the retail business, from our headquarters in the heart of New York City’s retail-centric SoHo district. Our staffs of sales, support, configuration and development operations professionals are ready to help you every step of the way.

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  • Run.It Real Time

    A software system designed by Run.It for retail trade companies.

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