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Rubenstein Technology Group

A developer of business management software.

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Our mission is to help clients be more efficient and more profitable by streamlining online business processes.

Over the past five years, Rubenstein Technology Group has been at the cutting edge of Linux-based application development, focused on developing the Ruby Business Platform — an integrated, modular application suite designed to automate and improve clients’ key front-end business functions.

We’ve helped automate content management, communications, customer relationship management, e-commerce, and knowledge and data management for clients of all sizes — from small companies and startups to organizations as large as Johnson & Johnson, Wells Fargo, R.R. Donnelley, Christie’s, and Hill & Knowlton.

Our company, an IBM Business Partner, is composed of programmers, project managers, and strategists — all dedicated to customizing the Ruby Business Platform for each client’s unique needs.

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