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Processing customer orders is one of the most critical functions in any distribution and manufacturing business. Order entry and fulfillment must be done in a streamlined fashion, accuracy must be high, and the goods must be delivered where and when requested. Your customer service function needs the power and flexibility of inventory, receivables and production information. When you run RSA’s Order Entry (O/E) with the Accounts Receivable (A/R) and Inventory Management (I/M), you’ll streamline every step of your order process, increasing customer service levels and reducing inventory.

Important advantages of Order Entry are

  • Real-time credit management, customer status and history.
  • Multi-currency order processing.
  • Detailed drill down and reporting.
  • Sell inventory, bill services on a single order.
  • Return Material Authorization (RMA).
  • Processing.
  • Direct integration with RSA Bar Code and EDI.

O/E supports the three primary phases of order processing. It facilitates the order entry process by accepting orders and quotes, validating credit and calculating pricing. O/E supports the picking and shipping process by recommending order lines, serial/lot/bins to be picked and generating shipping documents such as labels, packing slips, and bills of lading.

Finally, it supports the billing and invoicing processes, closing the loop between customer service, the warehouse and accounting. The Return Materials Authorization (RMA) functionality may be used in conjunction with O/E to track and more easily process customer returns.

Flexible pricing and discounts: - Set up your own pricing system in O/E by specifying pricing formulas or tables. You can construct tables and formulas based on combinations of customer number, item number, customer type, and product category. Use this pricing information to maintain special negotiated prices for one or more customers or items. Or, set different price breaks for individual product lines. Also, provide contract pricing with beginning and ending dates on any pricing table. RSA also allows you to apply discounts to the whole order and track these discounts through accounting.

Flexibility in entering orders: - With unlimited order classifications available, Regular Orders, Invoice Orders, Master Orders, Credit Memos, Blanket Orders, Quotes, etc., you have great flexibility in handling customer requirements.

Easy access to account numbers, customers, and inventory is available. You can also quickly check customer credit history, a crucial feature when customer service is making fulfillment decisions.

The system will also check for sufficient stock and allows you to override, cancel, backorder, or use substitute items. The quantity on-hand and allocated fields will correctly reflect shipments and open order paperwork.

Shipping control: - If a customer has several ship-to addresses where merchandise is delivered, even though billing is sent to one central office, O/E will maintain those multiple addresses for each customer. You also have the flexibility to assign tax schedules for each customer at the ship-to level.

Maintain serial/lot control: - Ensure you have the power and resources to effectively utilize serial/lot control by activating it within I/M. The Serial/Lot feature allows you to track, record sales, and maintain full control over finished goods and their components. O/E requests serial/lot numbers on picking tickets and invoices.

Return Material Authorization (RMA): - Return Materials Authorization provides your customer service and sales representatives the power to track return products from customers. RMA helps improve customer satisfaction by providing a centralized application for entry and resolution of material returns from customers. RMA processing allows you to provide your customers with a RMA number and later re-ship or credit the customer for the return.

O/E to purchase: - You can designate items that are special purchases and automatically generate a Purchase Order for those in RSA Purchasing/Receiving. This allows you to minimize the manual processing of special items’ sales to your customers.


  • Custom designed orders & picking / packing slips.
  • Add / update customer files during postings.
  • Handles taxable, non-taxable stock and service sales.
  • Flags customer credit limits, outstanding balances.
  • Add, Edit or Void Sales Orders.
  • Create full or partial invoices from sales orders.
  • Unlimited number of customer drop ship addresses.
  • Perform global Customer file updates.
  • User-defined tax rates.
  • Print Shipping / Mailing labels from orders.
  • Standing orders can be assigned for recurring orders.
  • Discount pricing table by customer/item/dept.
  • Track individual item shipping dates on sales orders.
  • Generate batch invoices for branch outstanding orders.
  • Multiple Warehousing.
  • Lot and serial number control.
  • Multiple bin location control.
  • Query on any one or multiple fields.
  • Multiple Location costing.
  • Multiple currency costing and pricing.
  • Unlimited contacts per customer.
  • Account Manager/ Sales Rep/ Split rep definition.
  • Multiple pricing formulas.
  • Customer Grouping.
  • A/R head office accounting
  • Activate / Deactivate customer/Inventory

Other Applications

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