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The efficient control of inventory and the creation of invoices and customer orders is an essential feature of any accounting software. RSA Software’s Business Solutions has brought flexibility to a new level in its Invoicing / Inventory /Sales Orders Module. This module will not only help you keep track of stock levels and outstanding orders, process inventory receipts, returns and adjustments but it also lets you print and reprint invoices, order Confirmations, picking / packing slips and stock labels individually or in batches. You can even control service items without having to maintain physical quantities. Monthly sales analysis can be performed by sales rep, customers, items departments or using any combination of these four variables.

G/L and A/R Integration: - Complete integration of the Invoicing. G/L and A/R modules provides a complete audit trail of all transactions. This integration provides you with the information necessary for key management metrics such as: real-time sales figures, customer history, cash flow and a global snap shot of the financial health of the organization.

Flexibility: - The flexibility of the invoicing function is enhanced by the ability to include: labor charges, pre-defined comments, taxable and non-taxable crediting, service charges, warranty services (non-payment type) along with traditional inventory processing.

Counter Sales: - In order to complete the “sales type mix” RSA has the ability to perform “counter sales“ (i.e.: warehouse clearance sales etc) with multiple sales types (cash, credit cards etc).

Discount Pricing Table by Customer/item/department: - Exceptional flexibility and control of pricing is made easy in RSA by providing the user with the ability to specify pricing at the item, department and/or the customer level.


  • Add/Delete/Modify Customers
  • Add/Delete/Modify Customer Groups
  • Add/Delete/Modify Customer Terms
  • Add/Delete/Modify Products
  • Pricing Calculations
  • Add/Delete/Modify Sales Reps

Transaction: - Direct Invoicing, Stock Movements, Closing Procedures, User Calendar, ”Counter Sales“, Invoices, Summary Invoices and more.

Reports: - Detail Invoices, Invoice Details, Warehouse/Lot/Bin/Ser.No., Invoices Summary Totals, Invoices Item Summary, Invoices Customer Summary, Sales Order Types, Customer/Item Product Numbers, Vendor/Item Product Number, Product Bins, Product Departments, Unit of Measure, Products, Pricing, Product Location(s), Product Notes, Product Types, Product Classification, Stock Status, Inventory History Summary, Inventory History Details and many more.


  • Custom designed invoices, orders & picking/packing slips.
  • Add/update customer files during postings.
  • General Ledger and Accounts Receivable integration
  • Handles taxable, non-taxable stock and service sales.
  • Flags customer credit limits, outstanding balances.
  • Add, Edit or Void invoices and switch invoice formats.
  • Create full or partial invoices from sales orders.
  • Unlimited number of customer drop ship addresses.
  • Counter Sale invoicing with multiple payment types.
  • Perform global Customer file updates
  • User-defined tax rates.
  • Print Shipping/Mailing labels from invoices & orders.
  • Standing orders can be assigned for recurring orders.
  • Discount pricing table by customer/item/dept.
  • Create credit notes and override stock updating.
  • Track individual item shipping dates on sales orders.
  • Generate batch invoices for branch outstanding orders.
  • Multiple Warehousing
  • Lot and serial number control
  • Multiple bin location control
  • Query on any one or multiple fields
  • Multiple Location costing
  • Multiple currency costing and pricing
  • Unlimited contacts per customer
  • Account Manager/Sales Rep/Split rep definition
  • Contact Management
  • Coop and rebate control
  • Multiple pricing formulas
  • Customer Grouping
  • A/R head office accounting
  • Activate/Deactivate customer


The ability to deliver the right product to the right place at the right time is the core of your business. Inventory is one of the largest investments a company makes. Ensuring that you have enough of the right product in stock, while avoiding stock outs and overstocks is a daily challenge; you are responsible for reducing investment in inventory and increasing the financial returns on inventory. Accomplish this with RSA’s Inventory Management System, the core of your distribution system.

Important advantages of Inventory Management are

  • Manages item specifications and stock levels
  • Management of cycle and physical counting
  • Multiple warehouse support
  • Support a multi-bin system
  • Serial/Lot traceability
  • On screen product images

RSA Bar Code: - IMS provides you with the tools to effectively manage and analyze your inventory. Sales and cost analysis, obsolete inventory tracking, physical count features are just a few of the features that will enable you to maximize inventory turns while eliminating shortages and excess inventory investment.

Easy tracking of detailed inventory data: - RSA’s distribution and manufacturing functions maintain information unique to each item that provides the system with essential information on how to purchase, sell, and manufacture the item. Maintain planned, current, or obsolete items through IMS’ status code. Identify items as purchased or manufactured. Maintain control levels and indicate if item quantities should be automatically allocated when sales or usage requests are placed through other RSA modules.

Item data is neatly organized into meaningful groups with access to other item related information like customer item, vendor item and more.

Track items down to the location: - You also have the ability to create the different inventory locations that your company uses. Those locations are used throughout both the RSA distribution and manufacturing suites.

RSA’s IMS also allows you to maintain inventory which is stocked in multiple locations, including the on-hand, on-order, allocated, and back ordered quantities, along with price, cost, and sales/usage information. This allows for the same item at different locations to have different values assigned; values such as; reorder levels, minimums, maximums, primary vendors etc.

Streamlined physical count processes: - The ability to conduct a full physical count is very important to ensure that system inventory balances accurately reflect the actual quantity. RSA allows you to conduct physical count while you continue with your daily business activities. IMS allows the user to flexibly select locations for counting, generating count sheets. Multiple reports facilitate the reconciliation process, including the Variance Report. The Count Accuracy and report allow you to determine the success of materials management programs that you have put in place.

Stock in Multiple Bins Within One Location: - You can create and maintain multiple bins within a location. IMS allows multiple items to reside in the same bin and also allows the same item to reside in multiple bins within a location.

Track inventory by serial numbers or lots: - One of the exciting features of IMS is requiring item traceability down to the serial or lot level. Some of the features include the ability to define separate serial and lot formats and numbering conventions, hard and soft allocation with multiple allocations methods, complete upwards and downwards traceability via inquiry with RSA’s Serial/Lot Trace. You can trace an item from receipt through production all the way to the end product or customer.

One-touch access to all inventory information: - IMS’ multi-level drill down inquiry allows you to inquire into inventory balances, open purchase orders, open sales orders, and transaction history at any point in time. Quickly and easily find the quantity of any inventory item which is on-hand, allocated, or on order. Additionally, you can see a list of all customer orders for an item and view the order’s header and item information down to the serial, lot, and bin level. You can also see a list of all open purchase orders for this item and look up item specific information.


  • Add/update inventory files during postings
  • Flags inventory levels gross margins and reorder levels.
  • Handles taxable, non-taxable stock and service sales.
  • Perform global Inventory pricing
  • Individual inventory item decimal place configuration.
  • Define item codes as invoice/order comments.
  • Multiple Warehousing
  • Lot and serial number control
  • Multiple bin location control
  • UPC/Bar Codes
  • Unit of Measure conversion
  • Product Technical Specifications (multi Language)
  • Product image
  • Catalogue page lookup
  • Query on any one or multiple fields
  • Multiple Locations costing
  • Multiple currencies costing and pricing
  • Activate/Deactivate Items
  • Prepare price revisions in advance & update based on revision date
  • Prepare physical count snapshot while continuing to enter transactions

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Invoicing/Inventory Control:

"Invoicing/Inventory Control" is part of the RSA eBusiness Solutions line of products, developed by RSA Software.