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The General Ledger allows you to conduct your organization as efficiently as possible and minimizes human error. Furthermore, it provides the information you need quickly. This allows you to improve your financial control over the organization, speed up decision making, and lower costs. G/L has powerful functions for general bookkeeping and works with other packages for customer and vendor information. Data is updated immediately, even from the other integrated modules, after posting an entry so that you always have up-to-date overviews.

A modern financial package like RSA’s G/L module offers more than just the ability to process your daily entries; it functions as a financial information system. RSA’s G/L lets you turn the information in your financial system into informative overviews. For this, RSA’s G/L comes with several overviews that support your daily work and help you compile periodic reports.

Open and immediate - Making year-end transactions is very easy and you can make entries in more than one financial year. G/L integrates completely with the other RSA modules. This means you can extend your automation to every sub-sector of your organization. The integration is seamless within G/L as well. Integration from your operational side like sales, invoicing, purchasing, receivables, payables is immediate. This allows you to run a profit and loss and a balance sheet or any other financial report in real time, everyday.

User friendly - G/L acts as a repository of all your financial transactions across the system. Although a lot of the transactions may actually come from other integrated RSA modules, G/L’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to enter new transactions as well as reverse existing ones.

One transaction step - When posting transactions from the general ledger or from the sub-ledger, the information is entered in one step into the database. This has several advantages. The information remains available at all times, which makes generating historic overviews much easier. The use of only one financial transaction for all RSA modules ensures real-time information and consistency. A user will always have access to the correct financial information, which is essential for making the right management decisions. This also improves the speed of your financial reporting.

As G/L distributions are stored with customer or vendor information, reporting using any one of these pieces of information is quick and easy. When using RSA, the financial information mentioned above is immediately available anywhere, anytime over the Internet.

Bank Reconciliation - Easily and quickly reconcile your A/P checks, Cash Receipts and EFT against your company’s bank statement. You also have the option to print the A/P Check Reconciliation Report, which shows paid, and/or unpaid checks through any reconciliation date. You’ll find this feature is a real time-saver!


  • Compare actual to budgeted and year-to-date figures.
  • Prepare consolidated/detailed department reports.
  • Print/display consolidated financial reports.
  • Double or multiple journal entries.
  • Display entries posted on screen.
  • Full, easy to follow audit trail.
  • Add accounts during posting.
  • User-defined account ranges.
  • On-screen account query.
  • Up to 4 comparison columns on financial reports.
  • Recurring GL journal entries.
  • Setup entries to be processed as a reversing entry.
  • View journal entries on screen.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Bank Transfers.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with General Ledger (G/L):

"General Ledger (G/L)" is part of the RSA eBusiness Solutions line of products, developed by RSA Software.