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These three little letters are enough to make most people shudder. It is a technology that many people know about but fear because of all of its complex features and standards along with the costs that are involved in implementing it. However, with RSA’s integrated EDI module, you will be able to harness those fears.

Important advantages of EDI are

  • Increases accuracy
  • Fully integrated with RSA
  • Supports varying trading partner mapping specifications
  • Extensive trading partner/document library minimizes costs and implementation timeline

EDI is an acronym for Electronic Data Interchange. Its primary function is to eliminate the redundancy of data that would need to be entered by a data entry clerk. It is a technology that was primarily developed for and by the transportation industry during the 1960’s. Since then, it has been integrated into many different industries, but primarily by the retail industry.

Even though EDI can give you great benefits by implementing it into your daily business routines, it is usually not something that you decide to do to make your business life easier. Many companies that you wish to do business with (eg: Wal-Mart, Costco, Sears and others) require that you implement EDI in order to do business with them. For this reason, you start doing research into what EDI is and how it will work with your internal business systems. Because of its complexity, costs and overwhelming capabilities, you can easily find yourself confused and frustrated.

It is also disheartening to find that most EDI solutions are done by third party providers which can be extremely expensive to implement and are also customized for a specific purpose. This can be a real headache as your trading partners can (and often do) make changes that need to be implemented very quickly. Most of the time, one person creates your “solution” and only they know your EDI needs and the “solution“ that they have created for you. If they are not available or if they decide to leave that company, getting your needs met can be very difficult and time consuming.

In fact RSA is one of the only companies in our market that has a specific package that has been designed for EDI. It has been designed to meet your EDI needs and is not as expensive to implement as the other solutions that were mentioned above.

It has been specifically designed to integrate with RSA’s Order Entry module as an easier way to create multiple orders in less time and less potential for typos than a data entry clerk. It also allows you to create EDI invoices and advanced shipping notices that can be sent to your trading partners without the expense of postage or envelopes that are normally associated with the ”cost of doing business.“


  • Transfers received Sales Orders to production with automatic and manual verification.
  • Verifies items/styles, colors, sizes, prices, SKU numbers, ship-to addresses
  • Can delete or modify incorrect Purchase Orders before they go into production.
  • Direct link to invoicing module.
  • Supports varying trading partner mapping specifications
  • Incoming and outgoing mapping
  • Can be used independently or integrated with RSA
  • UCS and VICS X12 ASCII formats
  • Process purchase orders, invoice, ASN and electronic payments
  • Boxing information can be done manually or automatically with Warehouse Management Module
  • Add new Trading Partners easily.
  • Create labels before sending ASN
  • MH10 creation
  • Flat file import from other EDI systems
  • Internet and modem communications
  • Increases Accuracy

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange):

"EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)" is part of the RSA eBusiness Solutions line of products, developed by RSA Software.