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Today, it is critical to manage your customers’ activity and credit to ensure high customer service levels and maximize cash flow. You can achieve the highest level of performance by using the Accounts Receivable (A/R) packages.

Important advantages of Accounts Receivable are

  • Online access to client account information
  • Control of aging periods
  • Cash receipt management

A/R maintains vital credit information that provides you with detailed payment information like average days to pay and full account history.

A/R tracks open item accounts and produces monthly statements. You can also generate Customer Aging Reports. It records customer invoices or sales transactions.

Take your accounts receivable beyond cash flow management. Manage, calculate, and collect your company’s receivables with the utmost in financial accountability with RSA’s A/R.

Increase Productivity - Above and beyond normal A/R activity, you may need to process multiple receivables on a regular basis.

Customer Data - Customer data is meaningfully grouped to show basic data, unlimited contact and address information, financial information and many user-defined fields. Related transactions, like sales, invoice and cash activity, can be accessed through the customer accounts. This allows these customers to be maintained in the applications, providing up-to-date information about your customer to everyone in the organization.

Efficient cash receipt management - A/R’s Cash Receipts processing application supports multiple cash accounts and stores customer payment information. Matching of receipts with open invoices is as easy as point and click.

You can apply a credit memo, debit memo or unapplied payment to the same invoice. You can apply one credit memo or payment to several different invoices.

Any write-offs that have been agreed to with the customer can be done from the screen where you apply cash to invoices.


  • Query customer file by any one or multiple fields.
  • User defined terms pricing and discounts by customer.
  • On-line customer ledger listing with user defined aging.
  • Add or update customer master file during postings.
  • Three user-defined aging periods and cut-off dates.
  • Global replacement of customer sales rep. and account manager.
  • Prints custom designed customer statements.
  • Open item accounting.
  • Calculates monthly finance charges.
  • Multiple currency balances.
  • Integrates with General Ledger.
  • Create customer refund checks.
  • AR / Non-AR cash receipts.
  • Write off and adjustment functions.
  • Up to 10 user definable fields for the customer master.
  • Generate statements for Customer or Sales Rep.
  • Attach notes to customer master file.
  • Full screen payment routine with charge-back option.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (non external).

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Receivable (A/R):

"Accounts Receivable (A/R)" is part of the RSA eBusiness Solutions line of products, developed by RSA Software.