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A developer of management software designed for small-businesses.

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RSA Software’s Business Solutions version 6 is a web-based accounting software (ASP) designed to provide your company with the foundation required for your E-business processes as well as expanding your traditional business processes. RSA Business Solutions version 6 embraces the web as the medium for transaction processing and financial reporting. The ASP version of our software provides you and your company with all the advantages of an “Application Service Provider“: anytime/anywhere, instant updates, reduced costs of ownership, latest technology, reduced training costs, predictable costs and scalability.

Our HYBRID ASP provides the same benefits as a true ASP yet eliminates the concerns that companies have about the security and ownership of their financial and confidential data as well as the long-term stability of their ASP. With RSA Business Solutions version 6 (Hybrid) the entire process associated with traditional LAN based applications is maintained; that is your data remains on your server. Once again, though, RSA Business Solutions v6.0 (Hybrid) uses browser technology as a thin client providing secure access to your business processes over the internet and truly makes anywhere, anytime, secure accounting a reality!

Built on a core of ”open-source“ technology, RSA Business Solutions v6.0 combines the speed, functionality, accuracy and stability of traditional LAN based accounting/business software with the usability, accessibility, cost-of-ownership savings and ”hard ROI dollars“ of a true ASP.

Since RSA Software’s inception in 1984, we have had but one mission: To create unsurpassed business applications that are both powerful and flexible and to provide unparalleled support.

Over the years we have developed products such as:

  • INFOVDO (1986) - INFOVDO was a complete Point of Sale and Management System for the video rental industry. The success of this product led to the development of more sophisticated commercial packages.
  • RSA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS (1987) - Our flagship product, released in 1987, was a fully integrated, real time wholesale/distribution and accounting system that laid a solid foundation for today’s products. The first Business Solutions included four modules: Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger.
  • RSA-LITE (1990) (a modified version of Business Solutions) - In 1990 RSA was receiving requests for custom software from several existing as well as prospective clients. The Union of Agricultural Producers or UPA commissioned RSA to design and implement a production and quota system. This system was used to manage all chicken production in Quebec. RSA was also selected by the National Register of Denver Colorado to develop a modified version of Business Solutions to integrate with their Point of Sale software. Approximately 500 systems of RSA Lite have been installed in North America.
  • RSAAdcom (1993) - In 1993, we released RSAAdcom, a computerized order/entry billing system for Yellow Pages Resellers. We wrote this system in conjunction with Adperformance a Montreal based CMR. We listened to what the client needed, added what the industry needed and then integrated our accounting software to make it the most complete CMR software in the industry.
  • RSA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS V5.5 (1996) - In 1996, RSA Business Solutions was completely rewritten. Beside the basic six modules (Sales/Inventory, A/R, A/P, G/L, Payroll and Purchase Orders), five Specialty modules were also developed (EDI, Style/Size/Color, Service Calls, Bill of Materials and Job Costing).
  • eSHOP (2001) - We completed development of our online e-commerce application. eShop, a multi-level shopping cart system folds seamlessly into your current business methodology, it can be used as an open catalog system or a private closed network for your existing customers.
  • RSA 6 WEB BASED ACCOUNTING (2003) - RSA 6 is a ”HYBRID ASP“ that uses browser technology but leaves your data securely on your LAN based server, protected from the Internet.

It provides the same benefits as a true ASP yet eliminates the concerns that companies have about the security and ownership of their financial and confidential data as well as the long-term stability of their ASP.

  • B.A.R.T. Browser-based Adaptable Reporting Tool (2003) - Further development has extended the RSA 6 application to include its own web based report engine and designer.

We are constantly adding new features to our software; we base these new additions on comments and suggestions we receive from our customers, what changes are happening in our own industry and the changes that are happening in other industries. Our growth and success over the years has not diminished our commitment to our mission or our vision. Over the years our clients have enjoyed the assurance that we stand behind every software we create, distribute and install. They have come to realize that whatever endeavors we undertake they can rely on prompt delivery and incredible after sales support. We have created many different type of software from standard accounting systems to warehousing systems to CMR systems. This type of versatility and flexibility has brought about our international reputation for quality business software and years of providing excellent support.

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