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RPC Software

A developer of business management software.

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RPC is a software and consulting firm whose employees have over 100 years in combined experience in developing enterprise and financial applications for Fortune 500 companies. RPC’s vision is to create enterprise software for middle market companies using proven and state-of-the-art technologies.

RPC Software is committed to the development and support of robust, scalable and stable Enterprise Resource Planning software (for the contract furniture industry). We understand that our customers use our software to run their businesses and therefore our highest priority is placed on building customer relationships and always meeting their needs.

The RPC product suite is based on widely used and popular software tools allowing our customers to implement and support our applications in record time with a wide range of resources.

RPC Software has developed the only state-of-the-art business system designed specifically for the contract furniture industry. Our competitive superiority comes from being the only software company to include secure Web-based EDI (Electronic Data Integration) and open source code; meaning our software is easily changeable to fit the specific needs of any organization. Our goal of becoming the center of all transaction and reporting activities has earned our product the name CORE Business System.

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