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Sales and Marketing are crucial to the revenue plans of any growing company. No company can meet their revenue targets without finding new customers or without completely satisfying their existing customers. Customers want a vendor who has an easy to use order and customer service process. They don’t want to waste time with vendors who have inadequate systems to satisfy them. M3 recognizes the need to provide an easy to use and flexible order processing and customer service system. We give you everything you need to provide an easy and complete order entry application that includes up to date data on the prospect, their individual sales quotations, and inventory status. If customers call to question an order, M3 maintains a complete sales order history, a history of any returns, shipping and receiving information and sales analysis capabilities. M3 also seamlessly converts quotes to sales orders to improve your fulfillment capabilities. Order entry and sales personnel have real time access to on-hand and available to promise inventory to prevent customer satisfaction issues that result from mistaken promises of inventory status.

Today, companies are looking for applications that allow them to track prospects, customer contacts and orders, and sales and marketing activities. Some companies even purchase specialized applications for the Sales Department. These sales applications become Islands of Information with no connection to the other systems in the company. Companies are then forced to try to integrate these sales systems with their other systems to provide a complete view of customer information. This can be costly and time-consuming. Rover Data takes a different approach. Within the M3 System, we provide a complete set of sales applications that are internally integrated to the rest of the company’s systems. There is no need to spend time and money attempting to integrate a specialized sales application with the rest of the company.