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Over the last few years there has been a great emphasis placed on managing inventory and the supply and demand chains. Excess inventory causes increased carrying and storage costs. Too little inventory or misplaced inventory can lead to lost sales and revenue. Companies dealing with tight margins and demanding customers need to manage all of their assets. The need to manage inventory, to increase inventory turns, to satisfy customer schedules, and to synchronize the demand (sales order) and supply chain (purchase orders / work orders) to ensure optimum profitability, has placed tremendous demands on modern manufacturing companies.

M3 was designed to give businesses the ability to control and monitor their inventory in the most flexible manner possible. The M3 Inventory Management and Distribution applications allow you to define inventory and warehouse locations and the optimum balance of materials within those locations. Optionally, you have the ability to utilize bin and lot controls to quickly and efficiently locate parts in your warehouses. As always, our native application integration insures that you can maintain real-time inventory views across multiple locations and warehouses.