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This powerful module enables you to create custom reports based on multiple data files and merge information between various RTS-Advantage modules. In addition to generating reports based on combinations of fields from different modules, you can add your own numeric fields that perform calculations under conditions you select. This module creates new reports defined to meet your specific needs.

  • Variety of formatting options (such as commas, dollar signs and leading fill) available for numeric fields
  • Dates can be displayed and processed in a variety of ways
  • Allows you to calculate with date arithmetic
  • User defined security on each report
  • Handles complex calculations that you define
  • Conditions handle IF–THEN–ELSE logic
  • Quick Report option allows you to generate a fully formatted new report in seconds
  • Batch mode to allow several reports to be run unattended
  • Range selections can be created for any field from any file on the report
  • Records can be printed multiple times for producing labels
  • Reports can be sorted in order by any combination of fields in the primary file
  • Customized prompts allow you to capture and print vital data as reports are printed
  • Variables can be inserted to aid future modifications

Other Applications

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"RTS-Advantage Report Generator Module" is part of the Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System line of products, developed by Roundtable Software.