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The Inventory Control module gives you the ability to handle your inventory your way. As one of the most flexible and comprehensive modules in the Advantage package, you can choose the level of control that best suits your specific business needs. Your inventory can be valued on a LIFO, FIFO or Average cost basis. You can choose to use parts explosions, serialized inventory, parts allocations, vendors, warehouses and an audit trail. The system can also track the quantity sold for each item for the last 12 months and, using this data, provides a sales analysis report to help you better manage your stock. Financing is aided by the serialized aged report that shows which serialized items have been in your inventory the longest and how much you have outstanding. Pricing can be standardized by rounding to a given factor or by being set to a specific suffix. With the Below Minimum report, reordering stock is automatic and accurate. Inventory Control is a stand–alone module that can also be integrated with Purchase Orders, Point of Sale, Billing/Order Entry, Job Cost, Time Billing and Quick Sale.

  • 21-character alphanumeric item number field
  • Lookup on item number, item description (21 characters) and group (15 character) fields
  • Tracks serialized items
  • Allows for superseded, preceded and substitute items
  • Unlimited additional descriptions can be added to items
  • Handles markup and gross profit cost basis
  • Can automatically update item pricing and discounts
  • Handles core pricing
  • Records both shrinkage and spoilage
  • Produces a re–order report based on minimum stock quantities
  • Minimum quantities calculate based on any re-order frequency you choose
  • Tracks unlimited vendors per item and recommends a ‘best’ vendor
  • Tracks allocations including explosion allocations
  • Up to 254 discounts per item, including quantity break discounts
  • Unit conversions can be defined for each item for both buying and selling quantities
  • Allows for warehouse transfers and other quantity adjustments
  • Set up special sale dates for item discounting
  • Produces physical inventory forms
  • Imports physical inventory and received quantities from data collected with hand-held computers
  • Provides up to 255 levels of parts explosion to allow you to identify all components of your assembled stock
  • Automatically updates cost and price on explosion items based on subassembly changes
  • Reports the best and worst selling items in each of eight different categories
  • Tracks items by location or quantity in multiple warehouses
  • Can automatically generate items based on a template item
  • Utilizes RapidEntry to facilitate entry of item data
  • Items can be added ‘on-the-fly’ from other modules
  • Complete item catalogs can be imported with the Import Data module
  • Pricing can be rounded to a user-defined factor or set to a specific suffix

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with RTS-Advantage Inventory Control Module:

"RTS-Advantage Inventory Control Module" is part of the Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System line of products, developed by Roundtable Software.