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This module allows you to transfer master record information from other databases into Advantage. The source import file can have multiple record types. Because Import Data can only import from files with fixed length fields, a program is included that will massage delimited data, producing a file that the import program can process. Data can be imported into the customer master of Accounts Receivable; the item master of Inventory Control; the vendor master of Accounts Payable and the customer master of Customer Information.

  • Can process both single or multiple source record types
  • Imports data from user–specified positions in the source file
  • Allows you to select a range of records to import
  • You can import specific fields within a record
  • Imports from fixed field length ASCII files
  • Has ability to perform mathematical operations on numeric fields
  • User can define constant data for fields as records are imported
  • Unlimited number of user–defined import templates
  • Can be used to update existing RTS-Advantage information–great for importing price lists

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with RTS-Advantage Import Data Module:

"RTS-Advantage Import Data Module" is part of the Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System line of products, developed by Roundtable Software.