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Rootstock PLM Integration automates the process of transferring current product configuration data from a company’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system to Rootstock, avoiding manual entry errors and ensuring that manufacturing configuration data is always up to date and fully synchronized. This shared data, including Items, Item Revisions, Bill of Materials (BOMs), and Engineering Changes, is received and used by Rootstock to perform up to date manufacturing planning and shop floor operations.

Rootstock and the PLM solutions work together to provide a flexible solution for manufacturers that are faced with constantly changing products with ever shortening product life cycles. Together, they deliver up to date product configuration information resulting in improved visibility and more efficient manufacturing operations. These joint Software as a Solution (SaaS) offerings provides mid-market manufacturers with shorter implementations, lower costs, and quick return on investment. Requiring dramatically less resources, the PLM solutions and Rootstock allow you to recoup your investment quickly while delivering a robust manufacturing solution that enables you to be more responsive to changing customer needs.

Shared Product Information

The Rootstock PLM integration synchronizes the latest product configuration data ensuring efficient and accurate production planning and operations.

This shared data includes:

  • Item – For each Item, critical information is maintained including item name, number, description, commodity code, part status and part type. Rootstock supports manufactured, purchased and subcontracted sourced items.
  • Bill of Materials – Each Bill of Materials includes standard yet critical information on all the components and materials that are needed to produce an item. Changes to the Bill of Materials may include changes to components,materials, quantities, and effectivity dates. This required information such as the quantity per assembly and Add & Delete effectivity data, is maintained for each component of the BOM.
  • Item Revisions – Revisions to an Item such as changes to components, quantities and Bill of Materials structures can be maintained and referenced to the appropriate BOM.
  • Engineering Changes – Engineering Changes are maintained within Arena and are shared with Rootstock when approved and released to production. Component and operation changes can be tracked, approved, and logged via the Engineering Change Order history database within Rootstock.

How the Integration Works

The Rootstock PLM integration is triggered when product related information such as Items, Item Revisions and Bills of Materials are changed via an approved Engineering Change Order (ECO) within Arena. The Rootstock adapter receives the changes, processes them, and takes the product data to create the Rootstock engineering item master, inventory item master, and other detailed product records.

The PLM system revision information is used to create Rootstock engineering item revision records. The engineering change information is also used to create the Rootstock ECO master and detail records. The Rootstock adapter then logs any exceptions. The system administrator is notified of any changes or exceptions, such as revisions of more than 6 characters, unrecognized division or commodity codes, or invalid change numbers.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Integration:

"Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Integration" is part of the Rootstock Manufacturing and Supply Chain Apps line of products, developed by Rootstock Software.