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Rootstock Lot & Serial Control provides for an item’s lot or serial number to be registered through Purchasing Receipts, Inventory, Shop Floor Control and Sales Order Fulfillment functions.

The Purchasing Receipt function will note the Item Number classification and if ‘lot controlled’, then the lot number must be assigned to the entire Purchase Receipt for the items being received prior to their ‘acceptance’ into stock. There is an option that allows the user to assign the ‘receiver number’ as the lot number which provides for an easy but practical application for the lot identification.

If the Vendor assigned a lot number, then this can be assigned by the user instead. If the Item Number is ‘Serial Controlled’, then prior to the receipt into stock, the serial numbers can be assigned in a ‘free form’ text field. The software will parse that text box to insure that serial number records are created on the Purchase Receiver and on Item Location Records as well as an “item serial record’ insuring that only one serial can be assigned an item.

The lot or serial number, as required, is registered on all inventory additions, adjustments and scrap transactions. While Lot and Serial controlled items are not appropriate for ‘backflush’ considerations, all other work order and subcontract order issues record the lot or serial as required on the issue transaction.

On work order supplies the user must record the lot number for ‘lot controlled items’ and this recording must be done before the assembly is received into stock or scrapped. Likewise serial numbers must be assigned before the work order assembly is received or scrapped.

Pick lists are printed with serial number detail and lot information as appropriate. When sales order is fulfilled the serial number of the final assembly is noted on shipment.