Is MANAGE 2000 right for your business?

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MANAGE 2000’s Work Centers (WC) application enables you to easily create and maintain routings and fully detailed work centers, which form the basis for a smooth-running operation. The Work Centers and Routings application helps you maintain essential manufacturing engineering data. It details how you build your product. This application enables you to store your process steps (routings) and work center information. Using WC, your products are costed the way they are produced, and your capacity can be planned based upon the actual production routing. Work centers and routings can be used throughout the MANAGE 2000 system.

They can be used to produce serialized or lot traced items in single or multiple facilities. They can be used in short-cycle or repetitive environments and with the manufacturing lead-time management system. Routings are generated automatically upon configuring a unique item using the Configure to Order application. Maintenance steps can be specified in a routing to shorten service cycles. The WC application can be used to improve efficiencies and control throughout your enterprise.