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Serial number tracking meets a very strict standard for product identification. Information captured for each serial number can aid in specifying products for recall and help identify defect sources. Serial number tracking offers you inventory control at the level of each, identifiable, physical entity that is tracked. This may be contrasted with control by lot number, where the lot number identifies a group of items or a batch of material. A serial number is considered a unique tag for an item number. It must be printed, engraved, or otherwise affixed legibly to the physical item that is tracked. The unit of measure for a serial trackable item is always each. The quantity per serial number is always one. The serial numbered item can never be in more than one place at one time. All the events in the “inventory life” of a part tracked by its serial number are recorded and available for reporting with this feature. Serial numbered parts can be tracked from time of receipt, whether by purchase order or work order, through inspection, production, sale, shipment, and return material authorization. This information is invaluable for defect analysis and problem resolution.