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The Repetitive Manufacturing application can help you simplify your methods of operation. It supports and encourages a flow inventory environment and/or manufacturing cells, where component inventory levels are kept low and stock is quickly depleted. Quality control improvements, a key element in short-cycle manufacturing, are often quickly realized upon implementing this application. The Repetitive application supports these JIT concepts. No work orders or job packets are generated for repetitive orders. Raw material and subassembly usage is automatically recognized by end item completion. Material usage and costs may be captured at the point of use rather than waiting until production completion of end items. Checkpoints may also be specified to indicate that material is to be moved or labor is to be reported at designated points in an operation.

Repetitive Order Groups (ROGs) can greatly simplify production scheduling and execution. Wherever multiple orders are processed sequentially in an essentially continuous operation, this breakthrough MANAGE 2000® technology can be used to avoid what could otherwise be scheduling nightmares. The power and flexibility of Repetitive Order Groups (ROGs) can be used for cell or line based production where it is important to run products in a particular sequence.