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MANAGE 2000’s Quality Control application provides manufacturing management with true decision oriented information about the quality of their products. Just as important, quality information is fed back to multiple departments to aid in identifying both trends and required actions. In MANAGE 2000, the Quality Control application is tightly integrated to the rest of the system, allowing information to flow to and from every area where quality is affected. Any item whose production is controlled via MANAGE 2000’s Repetitive or Shop Floor Control applications may be inspected.

An inspected item may be recorded as accepted, scrapped, or rejected. Scrap costs are removed from inventory and are collected in scrap expense accounts. Repair orders are automatically created for rejected items. Each time an item is scrapped or rejected, a user-defined reason code must be entered. This allows you to clearly identify, using your own terminology, why an item was scrapped or rejected. Once the information is recorded, a comprehensive set of inquiries and reports allow analysis.