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Ongoing development efforts focus on MANAGE 2000’s e-business evolution. Applications support data entry and inquiries over the Internet up and down the supply chain. For example, existing functions allow a customer, distributor or vendor, with the proper authorization, even though they may be a casual computer user with no additional training, to enter sales orders or quotes, order a product they configure on-the-fly to their exact needs, check on the status of shipments enter service or help desk calls, check on the status of service or help desk calls and calculate the earliest available date for an item. ROI’s EDI solution enables users to conduct e-commerce over the Web with trading partners across the supply chain. And ROI offers the ability to publish any MANAGE 2000 report to the web.

ROI uses Microsoft®-based component technologies to provide leading edge Web solutions that are reliable and efficient. Extensible Markup Language (XML), a standards-based technology, is used throughout the product to provide easier and more intuitive navigation and quick access to capabilities and documentation.

ROI’s enterprise knowledge portals provide pre-assembled links to information on a specific topic from many different data sources throughout MANAGE 2000. For example, the customer’s portal provides hyperlinks to order, service call, accounts receivable, material return, contract and other customer-related information. These portals may be tailored to the reader’s specific information needs. Many portals are provided with the system, including Call Center, Customers, Engineering, Item Information, Master Scheduler, Planner/Scheduler, Service Contract, Stock Status, System Administration, Vendor/Supplier and Work Order Status. In addition to aggregating information and supplying links to related functions and capabilities, the system automatically populates the news section of the portal to alert readers to changing conditions.