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ROI Systems

A developer of business management software designed for the manufacturing industry.

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Return on Investment - ROI.

It’s our name and our mission. At ROI Systems, we promise to make a measurable difference in your business environment. Since 1978, we’ve been delivering leading-edge, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions that streamline, integrate, automate and improve manufacturing operations in companies around the globe.

The MANAGE 2000 ERP solution is designed for enterprise-wide impact. With over 45 manufacturing applications, it manages processes flowing from your front office to your back. MANAGE 2000 will help you achieve important business objectives and keep your plant lean and competitive.

A Firm Foundation

ROI can promise results because we have a history of getting results. For over 20 years, our in-house manufacturing and distribution experts have been delivering proven technologies and setting the stage for new innovations. We invest 100 percent of our R&D dollars into incorporating the most important, leading-edge technologies into our single product, single market strategy. Our sole product is MANAGE 2000. Our specialty is mid-sized manufacturing environments.

By focusing on the needs of mid-sized manufacturers, we’ve nearly doubled the functionality of our ERP system every four years. And because we are committed to your investment protection, we’ve accomplished this while providing a smooth path of migration. Today, nearly 80 percent of our clients are on the most current release of the software.

Making the Middle our Top Priority:

MANAGE 2000 software solution is designed for the mid-sized manufacturer. Its tightly integrated system helps you do more with less so you can compete against even your larger counterparts.

Out of the box, MANAGE 2000 is designed to be a highly flexible, easily adaptable solution that doesn’t require extensive customizing or maintenance. Its rapid deployment methodology maximizes use of limited resources. And its solid, secure migration path is built to carry you and your investment into the future.

The Functionality Factor:

One of MANAGE 2000’s biggest strengths lies in the breadth and depth of the software suite. MANAGE 2000 has the critical attribute-and industry-driven functionality required by mid-sized manufacturers who want to improve operations and be more competitive.

Historically, ROI has taken a firm stand on functionality, prioritizing it high in the development cycle and refusing to sacrifice it for each technology “du jour.” ROI adds new, leading-edge technology to enhance functionality only after it has been carefully evaluated and garnered by general market acceptance.

As you peel back the layers of MANAGE 2000, you’ll find functionality that rivals even our toughest competitors. MANAGE 2000 offers applications with more than 2000 functions, to accomplish:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Workflows
  • Quick Response Manufacturing
  • E-business

Our Clients:

Our clients represent single and multiple facilities from a variety of industries, such as industrial machines, electronics, fabricated metals and consumer goods. And they use MANAGE 2000 in a variety of manufacturing environments, including make-to-order, repetitive, configure-to-order, and make-to-stock.

Product Lines

  • MANAGE 2000

    A full ERP system designed by ROI Systems for computer & electronic products and manufacturing companies.

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