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Your General Ledger is the mission-critical core of your accounting and one of the most exciting transformations you’ll enjoy with Rockton Connect. We removed the frustrating limitations of other accounting software, added lots of customizable features and fields, and seamlessly connected all of your customer, vendor and financial data.

Key Benefits

  • Budger by account, segment, or dimension with no GL Account required - Rockton Connect allows you to budget exactly how you need to budget. Simply setup an account, segment, or dimension to budget for any special event or scenario, spanning any period.
  • Define up to 9 segments for an account with unlimited sizing and naming - Is your chart of accounts getting bigger and bigger by the minute? Rockton Connect gives you the freedom to create and define up to 9 segments for your accounts.
  • Post corrections to any and all historical data, while retaining accurate reconciliations - This is a really big deal. Rockton Connect lets you go back through all of time and post any changes or corrections with the ability to create reconciliation and recovery points. Your reporting and auditing will never be off again.
  • Easily changeable GL account names - If deciphering your chart of accounts requires a GL to Plain English Dictionary, you’re going to love this. Just put in a “working name” for each account in free form, flip a switch to update, and view all of your GL accounts with a name that actually makes sense to you. Voilà!
  • Quickly copy, move, merge, and modify your GL accounts - Rockton Connect’s GL Account Builder is a handy tool to make managing your GL account fast and easy. You can move stuff around, create divisions, mass-modify, split, or merge accounts—and do it all in a few clicks.
  • Rich dimensional analysis that flows throughout all modules - How cool would it be if any data you have in Microsoft Dynamics CRM could be linked to any financial document and flow throughout the dimensional analysis? Rockton Connect makes it possible … and simple.
  • Unlimited fiscal period structure - You are finally free to setup your company’s fiscal period in any way you need to.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with General Ledger:

"General Ledger" is part of the Rockton Connect line of products, developed by Rockton Software.