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Rivo Software

A developer of business management software.

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Rivo was founded in 2003 with a guiding principle that remains a core driving force today – to provide technology to our clients so they can move beyond compliance in order to protect their assets, people and reputations. Rivo established itself as a software solutions vendor providing health, safety, environmental and quality solutions using a web based application that could be accessed by any employee in any location.

In ten years, we have continuously evolved and Rivo is now a market leading vendor in the governance, risk and compliance global marketplace going far beyond health and safety.

Today the Rivo platform provides multiple solutions and products within a single offering incorporating a range of governance, corporate risk, operational risk and compliance solutions that allow companies to be compliant in a fast and highly differentiated global regulatory landscape, stay better protected against risk and to improve performance across their business.

We unlock value for our customers by providing technology to manage safety, security and sustainability resulting in increased efficiency, performance and protection of people, assets and reputations. We use our expertise to continually evolve our technology platform maintaining superior quality for customers in across mutliple industries. We work with energy, passion and commitment for our customers, their people and their reputations.

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