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The ability to manage your inventory is key to any business. Keeping track of items as they are sold will help you know which products are successful, and when to restock.

As an extension of the Revel Inventory Management feature, Revel helps your business take it one step further with the “purchase order generation and tracking” feature, which will allow you to create and manage purchase orders directly from the Revel Point of Sale.

Revel’s backend inventory tracking shows a listing of all products, including their costs and current stock level. A customizable low-stock alert threshold is available to let users know when they are running low on an item. Business owners can also track inventory based on receipts, theoretical use, waste loss variance and waste loss percentage.

Purchase Order Generation and Tracking functionality includes

  • Creating Vendor Cards: Users can create vendor cards to reorder ingredients or items. The vendor card includes contact info, shipping terms, and tax rates. Vendors can be linked to certain products or ingredients along with default ordering information
  • Reorder Tab: Items can be reordered from the reorder tab, which lists any item linked with a vendor, or any vendor with linked items
  • Generate Purchase Order: Users simply select the items they would like to order and click “Generate PO” –-all vendor information autopopulates in addition to shipping information.
  • Edit PO information directly from the form: Order units, conversion factor, quantity, and price can all be edited from the PO form, as can Comments, shipping terms, and the FOB (“Free On Board”) agreement.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchase Order Generation and Tracking:

"Purchase Order Generation and Tracking" is part of the Revel POS line of products, developed by Revel Systems.