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Revel has integrated with PayPal™ to provide business owners with even more options for their point of sale system. PayPal is the faster, safer way to pay and get paid online, via a mobile device, and in store; and now it is available to use through your Revel iPad POS. This is an easy to use service that gives customers the flexibility and security to pay without opening their wallets, through a trusted source they know and love. Using PayPal™ at your business provides many benefits, some of which include:

Mobile Discovery: Potential customers can pull up a mobile directory of nearby establishments that accept PayPal, helping them discover new places to patronize.

Ordering ahead to save time: Customers have the option of ordering ahead to cut down on wait times and avoid the line.

Secure payments on pickup using PayPal™ accounts: Customers, many of whom already know and use PayPal™, won’t even have to take out their wallet, or share any financial or payment information with the merchant.

Setup is easy — after your establishment is set up on Revel’s backend, your businesses will appear in the mobile, consumer-facing app. The PayPal™ app is available on all Apple and Android devices, and is easy for your customers to setup. Most people are already familiar with PayPal™, and feel at ease with its ability to handle payments securely. Customers can add their photo for easy identification. There are two ways your customers can use PayPal™ in your shop:

Order ahead: PayPal™ orders appear along with online orders on the Revel POS. These occur as prepaid orders, so the order balance will automatically appear as “$0.00.” since the customer pays the merchant ahead of time. Customers can also select pick up times within the app, which can communicate with your kitchen printer.

In-store check-in and payment: Customers will “check in” at your store with the PayPal™ app. When they’re ready to pay, they will let you know they’d like to pay with PayPal™. (A visual notification on the Revel POS will be there to let employees know when potential customers have checked in.) To complete payment, store employees simply touch the PayPal™ button in the top left corner, and select the appropriate customer from the drop down list, to then bill that users PayPal™ account.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with PayPal:

"PayPal" is part of the Revel POS line of products, developed by Revel Systems.