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Creating schedules for your employees is easy and intuitive with the Revel POS. Simply access the backend via web browser, and select the employee for whom you wish to create a schedule.

This multifunctional feature gives you the ability to create and modify schedules for all employees, as well as the ability to easily reference an employee’s shifts and projected hours, as well as their overtime pay.

  • Easy setup: Set up the date and time, and select the role you would like them to use (for example, manager). You can also schedule multiple time slots in one day for employees working different shifts.
  • Color Coded Time Slots: The employee scheduling time slots are color coded for easy reference–red refers to doubletime, and orange to overtime. This gives you the ability to reference an employee’s projected hours for the week at a glance.
  • Change Timesheet Rules on the fly: These rules are set in the backend under the “Time Sheet Rules” tab, allowing you to fully customize employee hours, as well as what constitutes a full day. If, for example, you set a full day as 8 hours, any employee working more than 8 hours will accrue overtime. You can also easily set the multipliers for overtime and doubletime in this tab.
  • Email Schedule to Employees: Select the employee(s) you would like to email schedule(s) to; you can select multiple employees at once; and click “send email.” These employees will then receive an email with a clickable link to the schedule you created, and you will see if the employee confirmed the schedule on the backend, once the schedule has been accepted. (Each employee would need their email entered into his/her Employee Profile to receive the email. This is entered by an admin with scheduling permissions.)
  • Toggle between shift, hours, and wage views: This feature enables you to smoothly toggle between different views–by selecting the corresponding button, you can see an employee’s specific shift, the hours to be worked, and the wage he or she will earn.
  • Copy shifts to other weeks: Easily copy employee scheduling across the month by selecting the shift you’d like to copy, click “copy shifts,” and then select from the calendar which weeks you’d like the shifts to copy to.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Employee Scheduling:

"Employee Scheduling" is part of the Revel POS line of products, developed by Revel Systems.