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The Point-of-Sale module is where 90% of the data input will occur. Each sale will update inventory, accounts receivable and funds on hand (if applicable) in real time. The sale transaction will also create the applicable general journal entries and place them in a batch so the back office accounting can print, edit (if necessary) and post to the general ledger.

Other functions accessible at the Point-of-Sale screen include:

  • Payment from Customer
  • Payment to Supplier
  • Miscellaneous Payout
  • Activity Report
  • Fund Reconciliation and Deposit
  • and many, many more

Other functions within the Point-of-Sale module include:

  • Setup Product Category
  • Setup Product
  • Purchase Order System
  • Receipt of Inventory
  • Return of Inventory
  • Inventory Adjustment…

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Front Counter Point-of-Sale:

  • Back Office Accounting

"Front Counter Point-of-Sale" is part of the RetailMagic - Single Store line of products, developed by Schieck Financial Software Inc..