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A web‑based multi‑module management system designed by RetailCloud for retail trade companies.
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Fast and intuitive, our Point of Sale solution offers all the traditional point of sale features as well as many “really cool forward looking tools” in a simple intuitive design. We have applications for both desktops as well as customized tablet solutions.

As a true cloud based solution you will never have to worry about updates and upgrades, as well as data retention and disaster recovery. Although we did not need to, we felt that your data was important enough that we even had the software PA-DSS certified by the PCI council. We worry about all the little detail so that you don’t have. As far as support is concerned, any user can click on the support icon on the POS and chat with a qualified support specialist, this fanatical best in class support is all included in the monthly subscription fee.

A brief word about our features; in addition to the standard backwards looking functions of tracking sales and inventory movement, as well as time and attendance, we offer many forward looking commerce building solutions like upsell and cross sell recommendations, paperless receipts, automatic CRM builder, and targeted couponing to name just a few of them. To get a real feel of what we do contact us on chat or just sign up for a free trial. You can use any old computer or laptop you have lying around.

Popular Functionality Modules

CAS The application that makes everything work together in perfect symphony is called CAS (Cloud Administrative Server)… yup included in the one low fee. This is the application…

PCI We did not need to, no one made us; we don’t store credit card numbers, we connect directly to your payment gateway, but we did it anyway. Why, you ask? We did it, so…

InvenTrak Inventrak is what we call our ever vigilant inventory management that is 100% committed to making sure that your inventory follows the rules you set. When you first load up…

CEO We call our retail CRM, Customer Experience Optimization (ceo for short). As you probably guessed it is included in our full license; no additional fees… zip, nada,…

TimeTrak Timetrak is a super awesome time and attendance module with full adjustment and audit capability. This application has great rapport with your sales activity and so you can…

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