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A developer of business management software.

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RetailCloud provides retailers a way to increase sales, better manage inventory, provide relevant information to customers, all of which improve profits. Our suite of awesome solutions takes care of the mundane so you can do what you do best; engage your customers..

Sell More Stuff

Notice how sites like Amazon always seem to know the right thing to recommend to customers. Our software has been bringing the same insight directly to cashiers and customers for in-store transactions. We do this using a secret brand of magic sauce called MSIB, we cant tell you whats in it, but you will love it.


We integrate several mobile apps and websites to let people in your neighborhood who are looking for your product, know where you are, what your prices are, and how many you have in stock. How cool is that! Shopping without needing a GPS.

We Worry, You Don’t Have To

As a business owner we know you never have enough time. Set some rules, push a button and grab that second cup of coffee. retailcloud seagulls will make sure that your edicts are being monitored, and if they are not, we will let you know about it. So would you like a muffin with that cup of coffee.

Product Lines

  • PosiTrak

    A web-based multi-module management system designed by RetailCloud for retail trade companies.

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