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Functions Include

Customer Lists and Mailings

Selective Customer Mailing

Attracting a new customer costs five times more than keeping one. This is why Retail Pro is geared towards improving customer relations. Customer mailings can be automatically selected and labels printed, using any aspect of the customer’s history. Retail Pro can select by vendor or style, total amount spent, time since last visit, size, birthday, etc. Mail to specific customer groups generates a much larger return than general mailings. There are hundreds of ways that retailers have used the system’s mailing capacity to increase store traffic and sales volume.

Unlimited Customer Base

With Retail Pro there is no limit to the size of customer base, other than the amount of space on a hard drive. In a multi-store operation, names can optionally be distributed to all stores and thus allow a customer to be recognized at any store in the chain. Further, in addition to the purchasing history which Retail Pro automatically builds, each customer record contains the option of a user-designed memo page for organized recording of key information.

Preferred Customer Pricing

Preferred Customer Selection

Some stores offer different prices to particular groups of customers, such as employees, wholesale accounts, family, friends or long standing clientele. By specifying a preferred price level for those types of customer in advance, the correct price level will automatically appear on sales made to them.

Preferred pricing can be a simple percent discount, but it can also be fine tuned to accommodate exceptions or variations in the discounts offered as part of any given price level.

Planned Pricing and Markdowns

Planned pricing is a merchandising tool used to change pricing on certain inventory items for a preset time period. This allows users to plan up to four price changes in advance on a style-by-style or item-by-item basis. This could be a continual reduction at the end of a season or a special promotional sale.

Planned pricing gives the retailer a method to unload stock through scheduled markdowns. It safeguards against special promotions being lost in the shuffle with its advanced scheduling capabilities. It is easy to implement in any type of retail environment.

The Markdown module has the ability to:

  • Mark down prices, by dollar amount or percentage
  • Mark up prices, by dollar amount or percentage
  • Round prices by cents or dollars
  • Copy prices from one price level to another adjusted level
  • Restore previous prices
  • Print special markdown tags
  • Print markdown reports

Gift Registry, Mail Order, and Catalog Sales

Gift Registries

A gift registry is not an actual merchandise order, but rather is a list of items that someone, such as a bride and groom, hope that other people will buy for them. Registry Sales Orders are specifically designed for keeping track of the items wanted, those already purchased, and any other information needed for managing gift registries.

Mail Order and Catalog Sales

The ability to handle gift registries is just one function of the Retail Pro Sales Order Module. As temporary documents that record planned future sales and keep track of deposits paid Sales Orders are quite versatile. They are also ideal for handling layaways, special orders, catalog and mail orders, back orders and sales proposals. Sales Orders will automatically prompt Purchase Orders by which to satisfy them, and those portions of the order which are satisfied can be converted to Sales while leaving the remainder open.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Customer Relationship Management:

  • E-Business
  • General Reports
  • Inventory Control
  • Point of Sale
  • Purchasing
  • Receiving

"Customer Relationship Management" is part of the Retail Pro line of products, developed by Retail Technologies International.