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  • Category Hierarchy- Define unlimited categories to any depth e.g. Categories, sub-categories, sub-sub categories etc.
  • Category defaults- Set defaults for new items added to the category saving valuable time when setting up products
  • Supplementary Categories- Items may belong to any number of supplementary categories. Ideal for tracking brand, season, clearance products and other ways of grouping products.
  • Serialized Items- Track serial items and other dimensions such as batch. Ideal for electronics industry
  • Kit items- Group products into packaged kits, build and de-construct and account for inventory. Allows pricing to be customized and kits broken if needed.
  • Released products- Setup items in advance and release them ready for use when product creation is complete
  • Product attributes- Unlimited product attributes tracking additional product data
  • Powerful descriptions- Track Product name, search name, long description etc.
  • Info Codes at the POS- Interactive reason codes to trigger events based upon user input
  • Assortments- Concept of Assortments to group products logically to establish what is sold where when
  • Item cost- Apply item cost by a range of methods including last cost, weighted average, FIFO, etc. RE allows different items to use different cost models

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Merchandising and Product Maintenance:

"Merchandising and Product Maintenance" is part of the Retail Realm Essentials line of products, developed by Retail Realm Distribution.