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Retail Cloud Technologies

A developer of business management software.

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Teamwork Retail is a growing provider of cloud-based management and mobile point-of-sale solutions for mid-tier speciality retailers worldwide.

Teamwork Retail is led by Michael Mauerer, a 30-year veteran of the retail software industry. Starting in the mid-80s Michael began his career replacing cash registers with personal computers at a time when PCs at point of sale was unheard of. He went on to construct solutions used in over 100,000 stores worldwide, including the popular Quick Books Point of Sale.

Under Michael’s leadership, Teamwork adopted the cloud concept very early and combined it with an innovative ERP back-end. In addition, the company predicted iPad’s retail impact and built the industry’s best tablet applications. Teamwork’s forward-thinking technology solutions provide its client base a technological edge in a highly competitive marketplace.

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