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Restaurant POS

A multi‑module management system designed by Restaurant POS for accommodations & food services companies.
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A good restaurant POS software is designed to work in any type of restaurant including: casual dining, table service, fine dining, country club, diners, Italian and Mexican restaurants. No matter how complicated your menu is, the POS software makes it fast and easy for your servers to enter orders. The intuitive programming makes adding new menu items, changing prices, or taking reports a quick and simple operation which can be done at any time from any point of sale terminal, allowing your management to pay attention to the restaurant, not the POS system. And training new employees takes just minutes!

Benefits of Restaurant POS software

  • Touch screen restaurant POS systems save TIME and MONEY
  • Experienced restaurant POS software consultants can help you with the use and implementation of your hardware and software, making it easy and painless to get started.
  • The ease-of-use and reliability of the restaurant POS software will help your employees to learn how to take orders in minutes.
  • Inventory control and food costing is included at no additional cost. Know exactly what should be in your inventory at any time, and control your food costs accordingly.
  • Programming the menu, specials, or drinks is very simple and fast. Don’t pay a manager to program your system all day, pay him to watch the floor!
  • The employee timekeeping and scheduling software will allow you to control costs by helping you allocate the correct number of employees you need to work every day. Don’t over schedule employees, save money!
  • The computers and printers required to run the POS software can be purchased at discounted prices. Don’t be forced to buy proprietary POS hardware, do it your way and save!
  • Gift certificate/card software is included - increase your sales by selling gift cards or certificates, and track them more easily than by hand.
  • You will get reports that let you know what you’re selling and when. Eliminate menu items that don’t sell, and promote the ones that do.
  • Confusion in the kitchen is eliminated through remote printers, which display all the necessary information in a clear fashion. Don’t let bad handwriting waste time and food, and increase customer satisfaction by getting them the correct order on time.
  • Remote printers deliver orders to the kitchen ONLY after they are entered in the POS. Every item that comes out of the kitchen should be on the check.
  • Pricing, taxes, and addition errors are eliminated. The POS system rings up the correct price every single time.
  • Check reports eliminate the possibility of missing checks.
  • Creates automatic calculation of times for tax regulation compliance’s.
  • Average guest check can be increased through suggestive selling, which can prompt the server if the number of beverages ordered is less than the number of guests at the table.
  • Table turns increase due to faster ordering, easy-to-read chits in the kitchen, and instantly printable guest checks. Get more people into your restaurant and increase your bottom line!

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Reviews of Restaurant POS

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