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Sales: Nightly ‘Polling’ Directly From Your Point-of-Sale

Every sales ticket (and all its detail) recorded in your POS is uploaded to ‘the cloud’ (Restaurant365) each night. That precious data is now secure and accessible for quick and powerful analytics. We break it down by server, by menu item, by day part, by promotion, by store … the list goes on and on.

COGS: Purchasing & Stock Counting Help Control Food Costs

Food invoices are entered directly into Restaurant365 when product is received. All adjustments and expected credits are immediately recorded. Inventory stock counts at the end of the day, week, and/or period are recorded directly into Restaurant365. These two functions provide the basis for tight food cost control in your restaurant. The process is effortless and will also save you between 2-4% of your total food cost.

Labor: Keep Labor Under Budget Each Week

The final part of prime costs are labor. Each night all the labor details tracked in your point of sale system are uploaded to ‘the cloud’ (Restaurant365). These details automatically create the labor accrual entries in the accounting module of Restaurant365. The system comes with easy-to-use and simple-to-understand charts and reports that quickly reveal where improvements need to be made.

Monitor Prime Costs During The Week

Because Restaurant365 is an accounting solution and an ‘above store’ (i.e. sales, COGS, labor) analysis tool, it enables operators to see their ‘Controllable Profit and Loss’ report anytime they want. No need to wait for the accounting deparment to generate the numbers. Having this information while solutions can still be implemented is invaluable to an operator.

Improve Restaurant Manager Communication & Accountability

There are a variety of events and transactions that take place each day that require additional documentation by the manager (i.e. health inspector visits, equipment failures, trx. voids & comps, etc.) These are typically documented on paper by a manager in a “manager log book.” Restaurant365 includes an ‘online manager log book’ that not only makes the information instantly available to all but also makes analysis to identify trends possible.

Simplified Store-To-Corporate Process (All-In-One)

Daily sales, tender, house accounts & vendor invoices are sent to an approval queue for corporate to approve. Once approved, these transactions are automatically part of the general ledger, bank reconciliation, accounts receivable and accounts payable features of Restaurant365. The streamlined process will cut your administrative time by at least 20%.

Quick & Accurate End-Of-Day Process

Counting end of day cash & checks is simplified and immediately reported to corporate. Paid-outs are easily categorized by the store manager to user-defined cost categories (i.e. GL). House accounts are quickly flagged to customers in the accounting module. VOIDS, COMPS, Discounts, other Exceptions are easily tagged by closing managers with comments so supervisors have complete access to the manager log books.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Operations:

"Operations" is part of the Restaurant365 line of products, developed by Restaurant365.