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RTI Remote creates a remote link to your restaurant data, using an industry-standard Palm™ compatible handheld organizer. This little device enables you to transmit food inventory, transfers, waste, and miscellaneous cash sheet data to RTI’s Menu Management and Daily Store Reporting (DSR) software in your office.

Count on it!

Using RTI Remote, you can walk through the stock room and coolers and enter inventory counts. With self-prompting menus, store managers will find RTI Remote simple to operate. And input is easy with handwriting recognition, an on-screen keyboard display, or an optional keyboard attachment.

When your count is complete, attach a special modem to the handheld unit, and transfer information directly into the office’s Menu Management food cost system. Your ending inventory is updated electronically with greater speed and far more accuracy than by using a manual system.

RTI Remote eliminates both manual inventory extensions at the restaurant and tedious hours of data entry at the office. As a result, food cost information is available almost immediately, improving your ability to react to developments in the restaurant’s performance.

Used with Menu Management, RTI Remote can be an integral part of your automated food cost system.

Automate your operations reports

Do you need daily deposits, TTL’s, labor hours, or other information that can’t be polled from your POS systems? With RTI Remote, you can record the miscellaneous cash sheet information that is needed for your operations reports, and send it directly to the office’s Daily Store Reporting (DSR) software. When reports are printed, your information is automatically included. Think of the possibilities!

Uses industry-standard PALM OS®

RTI Remote was specifically designed for compatibility with a variety of handheld organizers. It is currently compatible with any handheld running PALM OS® version 3.1.0 or higher. (We’ve tested the software on the Palm IIIe, V, VII, and m100 units, as well as the Handspring Visor). So, choose your organizer based on your budget and your personal requirements, and you’re ready to go!

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with RTI Remote:

"RTI Remote" is part of the RTI 2000 line of products, developed by Restaurant Technology.