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RTI 2000 Menu Management provides a comprehensive analysis of menu item sales and inventory item usage to help maximize sales and control food and paper costs! Menu Management was designed with the understanding that menu mix analysis and product control are two of the cornerstones of successful fast-food operations.

Menu Management provides this analysis and control while freeing managers to work more closely with personnel and customers. It also decreases your clerical costs while improving accuracy and efficiency.

Automated Food Costing

With the combination of RTI 2000 Communications, Menu Management, EDI, and Hand-Held Inventory Recorders, you reap two enormous benefits:

  • Data entry is almost entirely eliminated.
  • You can have food cost automatically the minute the period ends!


  • RTI maintains the recipe database, providing your system with electronic updates to significantly reduce maintenance.
  • Multiple inventory periods (daily, weekly, or monthly) are available concurrently.
  • Yield Comparison Reports examine product yields and show possible problem sources.
  • Variance analysis reports show you the inventory depletion that should have taken place based on actual sales, indicating losses and gains for each item, and the total dollar impact.
  • Provides ability to see all components of waste: raw, completed, and unknown.
  • Easily includes promotional and coupon items in calculations.
  • Processes data for self-liquidating items.
  • Tracks waste in units, in dollar value, or as a percentage of actual usage.
  • Optional RTI Remote inventory recorder reduces time required to enter ending inventory figures—and improves accuracy.
  • Inter-store borrowings can be reconciled in dollar amounts, product amounts, or both.
  • Sales Analysis Report shows individual menu item sales over any specified time range. Also reports on sales groups (e.g., sandwiches, salads, and drinks).
  • Provides ability to create “what if” scenarios, with menu prices and units sold, to forecast results of menu changes or promotions.
  • Consolidated reports provide information on multiple store grouping.


  • Variance Reports (all items or selected item)
  • Inventory Item Usage Summary (all or partial)
  • Yield Analysis Summary
  • Sales Analysis
  • Menu Analysis
  • Food Waste Analysis
  • Yield Analysis - Detail
  • Menu Waste Analysis
  • Prep Sheets
  • Order Forms
  • Cabinet/Bin Charts
  • Cabinet/Bin Chart Recap
  • POS Usage Report
  • Where-Used Report
  • Purchase Orders
  • Calculations Log
  • Transfer Summary
  • Extended Inventory
  • Variance Worksheet
  • Detailed Inventory Item Usage
  • Detailed Menu Item Sales
  • Selected Item Sales Analysis
  • Projected Product Mix
  • Projected Ingredient Usage
  • Detailed Prep Calculation

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Menu Management:

"Menu Management" is part of the RTI 2000 line of products, developed by Restaurant Technology.