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Labor Scheduling can save you money in labor costs—your store’s second largest expense—by letting you schedule employees based on past sales patterns and projected labor needs.

RTI 2000 Labor Scheduling provides immediate and substantial results: greater profits for store owners and improved service and quality for their customers.

Current users report that using Labor Scheduling has helped improve their ability to deliver quality service and timely prep and production. Labor Scheduling can enable you, too, to attain your labor cost and effectiveness goals.

RTI 2000 Labor Scheduling frees managers from paperwork and allows them to concentrate on store management. By scheduling “the Right person doing the Right job at the Right time(SM),“ it provides consistency in customer service levels that are unattainable without its unique scheduling techniques.


  • Generates work schedules based on individual needs of every store, taking into account sales patterns to ensure that the proper number of people (no less, no more) is available to serve your customers.
  • Allows for ”extraordinary“ days by examining sales patterns for holidays, school vacations and various promotional events.
  • Uses historical data for sales trend calculations, using patterns from the past year, the past month, or a weighted average of the past four weeks.
  • Schedules unit-producing labor for customer service and food prep/production as well as non-unit-producing labor for other jobs such as administrative tasks, cleaning, maintenance, store opening, etc.
  • The labor scheduled for a job may be fixed or may vary based on hourly, daily, or weekly sales or transactions.
  • ”Special Events“ tickler file helps track events that will have an effect on sales projections.
  • Optionally schedules 30-minute unpaid meal breaks.
  • Provides the ability to define fixed schedules for managers and key employees.
  • Office-based system ensures operator control over labor standards used to develop schedules.
  • Comprehensive, ”fill-in-the blanks“ employee schedule form minimizes the store manager’s time to complete the weekly schedule—typically less than one hour.
  • Automatically receives hourly data from the POS when used in conjunction with RTI 2000 Communications.


  • Staffing Review Form
  • Employee Schedule/Staffing Plan
  • Staffing Summary
  • Daily Task Summary
  • Daily Task List
  • Management Coverage Report

Other Applications

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"Labor Scheduling" is part of the RTI 2000 line of products, developed by Restaurant Technology.