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RTI 2000 Communications lets you retrieve information from your store’s Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, providing the information you need to stay competitive in today’s market.

With Communications you benefit from accurate, timely, and pertinent information polled directly from your store registers. The Communications program runs on your office PC. At scheduled times, Communications connects to POS systems and time clocks within your restaurant(s) and retrieves the information you select.

The best part: Communications runs unattended, retrieving information from every compatible POS system in each of your restaurants. This is called polling. By polling your stores, Communications automates data entry for almost all of your store data, including cash receipts, hourly sales, product mix, and payroll information.

When you use Communications with other RTI 2000 products, both the office and the restaurant benefit. In the office, data entry is greatly reduced, and errors caused by manual entry are eliminated. At the restaurant, the time required for paperwork is reduced, giving managers more time for customers and crew.

Communications is compatible with a variety of POS systems, including PAR, Panasonic, and numerous other systems used by hundreds of owner/operators.


  • In addition to automated overnight polling, Communications also allows you to poll one or all stores immediately, retrieving the most up-to-date POS data available.
  • Communications gathers data for RTI 2000 Menu Management, Payroll, TimeKeeping, Labor Scheduling, and Daily Store Reporting.
  • Used with RTI’s Hand-held Inventory Recorder, you can transfer inventory counts directly to RTI 2000 Menu Management.
  • Communications polls all restaurants through one operation, even if POS types differ between the restaurants.
  • The ability to poll data for multiple unattended days allows you to gather and process store data even when the office is closed.
  • The system recovers automatically from a power failure or brownout, ensuring a high success rate for polling your stores.
  • Password protection provides security and data confidentiality.


  • Communications Activity Log
  • Daily Cash Sheet
  • Hourly Readings
  • POS Menu Items
  • Product Mix
  • Employee Information
  • Time Clock Punches
  • Payroll Hours
  • Inventory

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Communications:

"Communications" is part of the RTI 2000 line of products, developed by Restaurant Technology.