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Automate the time-consuming task of reconciling your bank statements. With RTI 2000 Accounts Payable or RTI 2000 Payroll, all checks are automatically transferred to Check Reconciliation. All you do is flag the checks that have cleared, and print a report of outstanding checks!

The primary function of the RTI 2000 Check Reconciliation module is to let you reconcile your bank statement. The system allows you to keep track of which checks have cleared and for how much each check cleared. It also keeps track of all outstanding checks. You can use Check Reconciliation with multiple bank accounts, e.g., one for Accounts Payable and one for Payroll. And, at any time, you can request a quick bank balance estimate based on checks issued in Accounts Payable and Payroll and on the deposits entered in RTI 2000 Daily Store Reporting.


  • Through normal processing options, you can enter checks manually; clear a check or a range of checks; void a check; remove old checks; add a check; delete a check.
  • Generates a Check Reconciliation Report, at any time, using beginning/ending check numbers or beginning/ending dates. You can produce this report in any combination of any status of checks (all, outstanding, cleared, voided).
  • The Check Reconciliation Report shows the difference between the check amount and the cleared amount (i.e., due to a bank error during clearing).
  • Produces a bank balance estimate based on bank deposits entered in Daily Store Reporting and checks issued from Accounts Payable and Payroll.


RTI 2000 Payroll or RTI 2000 or Daily Store Reporting or RTI 2000 Accounts Payable * Reports*

* Bank Account Reconciliation Report
* Checking Account Balance Report
* Reconciliation Listing

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Check Reconciliation:

"Check Reconciliation" is part of the RTI 2000 line of products, developed by Restaurant Technology.